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7 December 2017

Jan Mees – guitar compositions 2017

Northern Lights, To the movies (Jan Mees – guitar)

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15 January 2017

Compositions in the spotlights – January 2017

Human Kindness, You’d be surprised (Jan Mees)

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3 December 2016

Compositions in the spotlights – December 2016

Hermit’s Violin (Hyo-shin Na)

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3 December 2016

Janpieter Biesemans – compositions for voice & piano

Rilke Liebesgedichte, The day is done, Reiner Maria Rilke-liederen (Janpieter Biesemans) Siniscola (Gabriele Pedone)

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9 April 2016

New publications March 2016

Classico, Andalucia (Gabriele Pedone), Suite pour Eric (Jacques Dumont), Rondino (Stéphane Vande Ginste), Two Impressions (Kurt Bikkembergs), Suite Latino-Américaine (Daniel Capelletti)

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26 February 2016

New publications February 2016

Consciousness, El Camino, The break of dawn, Shade of Autumn (Peter Heremans) Bucolica I, Bucolica II (Boudewijn Buckinx)

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13 January 2016

New publications January 2016

Omaggio a la donna spirituale & Esoteriche Klankbeelden (Janpieter Biesemans) – Aria di chiesa (Jos Mertens)

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7 December 2015

New publications December 2015

Droef en Blij (Stéphane Vande Ginste) – Saving grace (Jan Mees) – Esoterische Klankbeelden (Janpieter Biesemans) – Hoera, hobo ! (Jan Erauw) – Jardien d’hiver (Christian Vasseur)

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7 October 2015

Papageorgopoulos, Christian – a Greek composer

Papageorgopoulos, Christos – Childhood and Apologismos

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