Duccio Bianchi – Alexander Scriabin (5 pieces arr. for guitar)

Instrumentation : Guitar

Price : € 11,60

Order-# : LM – 2022121804

Level : Contemporary Music


Introduction of Duccio Bianchi

His inclination for Alexander Scriabin’s music led him, 150 years after his birth, to work on these guitar transcriptions of some original piano works.

In addition to the sonatas, the short forms (preludes, studies, pieces of various genres) accompanied Scriabin’s compositional work throughout his life, forming a very conspicuous and varied corpus.

His choice is the result of a careful selection and was oriented towards those pieces of music that seemed to him more idiomatic; it was necessary to change the key to make the most of the sound of the guitar and its extension.
If in this operation, in some cases, a certain density has to be renounced, you can nevertheless
gain in color and turn a look at these compositions from another perspective.