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Who we are

Lantro music

Founded in 1997, Lantro Music is a sheet music publisher dedicated making publicity for compositions from Belgian composers under direct management.

Besides our activities as a music publisher, we also run a music shop.

What we do

Music publishing

Since years we successfully promote music of Belgian composers. However, these last years, even foreign composers found their way to our publishing house. You will find Dutch, Italian, Swiss, Canadian, Korean, Malaysian, American, English and Spanish composers in our catalogue.

Why Lantro Music?

Published compositions

We pay very much attention to the quality of our edited music.

Each year again we can present you a lot of new composers and compositions, and we are dedicated to continue in that way.

Thanks to the quality of our music publications, we are very proud to say that we already could publish several compositions which were test pieces at different contests. In this way we published in 2001 the test piece for the semi-finales at the International Contest Queen Elisabeth in Belgium (violin), in 2006 the compulsory work for the preliminary round of the 4th Int. Adolphe Sax Competition in Dinant (alto sax).

We have 4 departments with each of them their own catalogue:


Concert Band, Brass Band, Fanfare, Big Band, Percussion Ensembles.


Music for Academy, “School of Music”, Conservatory


Lantro Music wants to set the pace for this project. In Belgium, we became rapidly one of the top publishers who took the initiative to commercialise and distribute these (mainly) Belgian compositions.


Compositions for vocal emsembles and vocalists.

Piano partitions