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23 June 2022

Kurt Bikkembergs – 2 new publications

Requiem per una voce con pianoforte from Kurt Bikkembergs Instrumentation : Soprano & Piano Price : 12,90 € Order-# : 2022051796 Level …

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26 February 2022

Lucas Caluwaerts – 7 Studies & Pieces for piano

These studies are written for students of 3rd degree in their musical education. Price : 13,20 € Order-# : LM-2022011794 …

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6 February 2022

Vincent Ghadimi – 3 new publications

New publications: VERD”ivresse – Fantômas 2018 – Courts Métrages

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13 June 2021

Magellan – Vincent Ghadimi (for harp)

MAGELLAN is the compulsory work for the 8th International Harp Competition Felix Godefroid (which is rescheduled to 2022)

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14 April 2021

Weaving variations – Hyo-shin Na

Weaving Variations (after Victor Jara’s Angelita Huenumán) for two violins (2020) by Hyo-shin Na 

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27 March 2021

Lies Schokkaert – Silent change for piano

Lies Schokkaert Silent change for piano sheet music

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21 March 2021

Lucas Caluwaerts – 10 Studies & Pieces for piano

Tonal classical music with rhythmical and harmonical influences from the jazz

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26 October 2020

NA, Hyo-shin – Music for Solo Kayageum

8 compositions for Solo Kayageum (Hyo-Shin NA)

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18 April 2020

VAN FRAEYENHOVEN, Geert – arrangements from Vivaldi, Rossini, Boulanger

Arrangements for Clarinet Bb, Piano & String Quartet (L. Boulanger and G. Rossini) Arrangement for Clarinet Choir (A. Vivaldi)

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