Hyo-shin Na – Quadrangle of Light

Quadrangle of Light from Hyo-shin Na

Instrumentation : Violin, Viola, Cello & Piano
Price : 29,90 €
Order-# : 2021101786
Level : Contemporary Music

QUADRANGLE OF LIGHT for violin, viola, cello, and piano (2021) by Hyo-shin Na was inspired by a part of a series of Charles Reznikoff’s long poem “By the Well of Living and Seeing”.
By the Well of Living and Seeing, Part II, Section 33
by Charles Reznikoff

It was after midnight before I got into bed
and then I found that I could not sleep
and kept thinking about the vexations of the day.
It seemed to me an excellent idea
to get up and take a long walk through the quiet streets
but I was too tired to leave my bed:
even dressing again seemed too much.
As I kept turning my head restlessly
I caught sight of the garage in the yard:
the roof covered with a smooth level of snow.
From where I lay I could not see the moon
nor the yard itself
but the garage roof was shining like a quadrangle of light
against the darkness:
a quadrangle of night
against the darkness
Looking at it I forgot myself
and fell into a deep and untroubled sleep.