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The Sway of the Branch II

Instrumentation : Two Violins
Price : € 16,00
Order-# : LM 2019021735
Level : Contemporary Music


THE SWAY OF THE BRANCH II is based on Su Tung P’O’s poem “On A Painting By Wang The Clerk Of Yen Ling”
– On A Painting By Wang The Clerk Of Yen Ling –
Su Tung P’O (1036-1101)
(Translated from the Chinese by Kenneth Rexroth)


The slender bamboo is like a hermit.
The simple flower is like a maiden.
The sparrow tilts on the branch.
A gust of rain sprinkles the flowers.
He spreads his wings to fly
And shakes all the leaves.
The bees gathering honey
Are trapped in the nectar.
What a wonderful talent
That can create an entire Spring
With a brush and a sheet of paper.
If he would try poetry
I know he would be a master of words.


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