Hyo-shin Na – Many Paradises (for violin, cello & piano)

Na, Hyo-shin - Many Paradises
Na, Hyo-shin - Many Paradises
Na, Hyo-shin - Many Paradises

Many Paradises from Hyo-shin Na

Instrumentation : Violin, Cello & Piano
Price : 20,00 €
Order-# : 2023111810
Level : Contemporary Music


About a year ago, I came across a very small book entitled “28 Paradises”, consisting of 28 paintings by Dominique Zerfuss (b. 1951). Each painting is accompanied by a poem written by Patrick Modiano, her husband (b. 1945) (Nobel Prize in Literature, 2014). 5 sets from these 28, at times rather enigmatic, painting/poems became a beginning point of my work “Many Paradises”.

From “28 Paradises”
by Patrick Modiano

  1. And the roses growing without thorns
  2. I had lived my life
    I no longer cared about the past
    Even less about the future
  3. Meet me at the lakeshore
    At sunrise
    You will find once more what you’ve lost
  4. A voice murmured in my ear
    Look down there
    The castle and the waterfall
    If you cross the field
    You will hear
    The musics of silence
  5. The large window looked out over the carousel of the king’s stables
    And onto the clock always showing the same time
    That of youth and eternal noon
    During the day
    The Lilliputian painted her paradises
    And I
    Next to her
    Wrote a poem

“And the roses growing without thorns” – this one sentence, in particular, changed my attitude towards the world and made me hear new sounds that I’d never imagined before.

This work was composed with the generous support of the Elaine and Richard Fohr Foundation.