Departing from Buddha Rock Forest – New composition for Flute Solo from HYO-SHIN NA

Departing from Buddha Rock Forest


Departing from Buddha Rock Forest

for Flute Solo : order-# LM 2019121755 (price € 6,90)

On a cool, sunny November morning in 2019, I took the subway and bus, then a long walk up the mountainside to visit the Buddha Rock temple on the outskirts of Seoul, Korea. On the road to the temple three white dogs appeared out of the forest. The two younger dogs, lively and curious, kept a careful distance; the third, older and slower, followed me onto the temple grounds and laid down in the middle of the path, stretching out in the sun to observe calmly, Buddha-like, everything going on around him. He stayed there for the next hour, when I had to leave.

Then I walked the road through the forest back down the mountainside, and slowly passed through the wild variety of trees and autumn colors, and the quiet chaos of the dense forest undergrowth. It was during this temple visit that I began to think about a piece for flute solo. 

DEPARTING FROM BUDDHA ROCK FOREST was commissioned by and will be premiered by Grace Ju-Yeon Wang at the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention on February 15, 2020