COLDAGELLI, Sergio – an Italian composer

Sergio Coldagelli is a musician, guitar player and composer who was born in Tivoli, an ancient town just outside Rome. He started his musical studies at the age of 15, learning different musical genres, such as jazz, blues and folk. He begins to study instrumental theory at Frosinone’s “Licino Refice” conservatoire and continues at L’Aquila’s “Alfredo Casella” conservatoire. He studies in a dedicated and passionate way. After spending a considerable amount of time studying music and composition, he became acquainted with Maestro Pier Luigi Corona: he is so inspired by classical guitar that he decides to fine tune his skills. His desire to compose had been present since a very young age, but found its development and use only in adult life. The quality and feel of most of his works are impressionistic, and related to the past and nature. These are just momentary, passing glimpses whose musical contours are suspended and give an imaginary, refined and elegant atmosphere, which at times is even poetic . Though the pieces seem apparently simple, they offer quite a difficult technical challenge with regards to the extension of the fingers of both hands, due to the various forms of scales and arpeggios. The variety of harmonies offered to the interpreter are also interesting.

Milagros and Seville are two new compositions published by LANTRO MUSIC.
Milagros : € 6,90 (LM – 2019111749)
Seville : € 8,00 (LM – 2019111750)