Troccoli – Guitar Collection

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The four volumes of Block (of) notes gather together a series of music compositions, organized in a progressive order of difficulty. The author’s intention is to arrange a corpus that could give the guitar students, or also good amateurs, the possibility of dealing with the most important aspects of guitar techniques. In doing so, nonetheless, there was the intention of always keeping a high level of musical quality, in order not to end up having sterile exercises that would surely be helpful for the mere technique but not so much from a musical and artistic point of view. The music form, harmonic and melodic, is a sort of bridge between the classical music literature of the 19th Century and the contemporary music. Some performative manners, present in both the twentieth-century and the contemporary literature, were also sound out, since they give vigour to the guitar as well as quite a satisfaction to the player.

The hope is that the music collected here would give, both the player and the listener, the same pleasure that years ago brought the author himself close to the guitar.

The title of the collection is a kind of linguistic pastiche. In Italian, block-notes designates a scratchpad or notebook, therefore the title indicates a collection of music notes that have eventually become actual music pieces.