New Publication in the spotlight – September 2019

Posted on 28/09/2019 in In the spotlight, New publications


The Song of the Fog  from Hyo-shin Na


Instrumentation : Clarinet Bb, Violin, Bass koto, Piano

Price : 26,00 €

Order-# : 2019071743

Level : Contemporary Music


Song of the Fog (2019) 

for clarinet, violin, bass koto, and piano

“Song of the Fog” was inspired by Jaime de Angulo’s poems, “Fog” and “Redwood in the Night”. 



Fog coming up in streams

from the sea

In the pasture the old black mare stands

with her head bent.


         Redwood in the Night

Foggy rain, foggy rain, gentle rain,

dripping under the tall redwoods.

Shaggy horse with your tail to the storm,

aren’t you cold?


This work was written with the generous support of the Elaine and Richard Fohr Foundation and InterMusic SF.